A-Z Eggs

Today’s ingredient is eggs! Eggs are super delicious and can be used in a ton of recipes. I love having eggs for breakfast and egg salad for lunch and sometimes bacon and eggs for dinner. Who decided they are only a morning food anyways? I love omelettes and eggs benny and quiche, and what I’m getting at here is that I really like eggs.

However the recipe I’m sharing with you all today is something different and easy and awesome that you can make at home using eggs. Now I’m sure you’ve figured out, if you’ve been following along on your healthy food bingo card, that I try to eat healthy and make as much stuff as I can from scratch. This is not because I’m afraid of the !evil “chemicals” in food or anything trendy like that, its mostly because everything you buy pre made is just packed with sugar. Seriously packed with it, and stuff that you wouldn’t even think like ketchup! Do you know how much sugar there is in ketchup? When I started really looking into it I was so disappointed to find out how much sugar is in so many foods, even ones that seem healthy. Those little individual yogurts marketed to kids in bright packages? That’s a healthy snack right? Better than chips or a chocolate bar. They have more sugar per ounce than Coca cola.

All this to say that quite a while ago I started making my own mayonnaise, which before you run away, is super easy and takes like 5 minutes. All it takes is 2 egg yolks, some mustard (dry or prepared), oil (I prefer light tasting olive oil but you can use any light vegetable oil like canola), white vinegar (or lemon juice) and some salt. The recipe I use comes from a book called Science Experiments You Can Eat! but you can google “olive oil mayo” and find a ton of different variations online.

The basics of it are that you mix the egg yolks and vinegar and let them co mingle in the jar/measuring cup until they come to room temperature, about 30 minutes. Then add your mustard and mix until thoroughly combined. Then while running the blender (regular or immersion works for this) very, very slowly drizzle in your oil. Adding it slowly allows the mixture to emulsify giving you that thick delicious mayonnaise-ness instead of an oily soupy mess. The entire mixing process takes about 3-4 mins and bam! You have mayo, with no sugar or preservatives added.

It’s worth noting that it’s best to make this in small batches, I do 1 cup at a time, as it doesn’t keep forever in the fridge like store bought mayo. However I’ve never had mine go bad on me, even after a few weeks. If you make this please comment and let me know how it turned out! Tomorrows ingredient is flax seed! Come back for some awesome tips and tricks.

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash