A to Z Challenge A: Aliyah’s Submission

Conveniently I have a book coming out very soon (re: as soon as I finally finish it) that starts with A so I get to start the month of daily blogging with my very own book!

Aliyah’s Submission is the fifth short story in an ongoing series about Aliyah Shaw and Elliot Thomas. It is a NSFW series of steamy adventures that starts when the two meet in a coffee shop and takes them all the way to a private airplane ride to the tropics.

Sadly, this one is not yet available for purchase HOWEVER the first four are! They are free on Kindle Unlimited or just 99 cents each. The entire collection is also available in one convenient bundle for $3.49.

Books one to four chronicling the sexy adventures of Aliyah Shaw and Elliot Thomas. After she almost covers him in coffee during a clumsy moment (brought on by the fact that she can’t take her eyes off of him), Elliot insists of taking her out to dinner. Aliyah quickly finds herself swept into his lavish lifestyle as Elliot showers her with gifts and introduces her to a world of sensuality and exploration she’d never knew she wanted.

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