Blogiversary and a new book!

Apparently it’s my WordPress anniversary, so happy anniversary blog!

In all the craziness of the last week, between launching my book and a horrible misunderstanding with amazon that resulted in many many frustrating bot emails, I forgot to come tell you guys about my new book!

So I decided to drop my original pen name Ruby Kiss in favour of something closer to my actual name and something that I felt like was a better fit for me. So I’ve rebranded my first book Language of Love that I published last year…

When Mackenzie Lowell started at NYU for her year abroad, she knew she would need extra help with her language lessons. What she wasn’t expecting was that the professor who could help her, one Julian Quinn, would be so heart stoppingly attractive. Or that she would quickly develop a crush on him during their time together. When her crush evolves into something more and it turns out she’s not the only one falling in love, consequences for them both could be dire. But how can they deny each other?

AND the really excited news is my new book that came out last week, July 28th, under my new pen name Emerald Aonghusa. This book has been floating around my head half finished for months. I think I started it right after I finished Language of Love but then I got stuck about halfway through. So I switched gears and published five short erotica stories in my series Discovering Desires instead.

After the fifth Desires book came out I decided I was determined to finish You Can’t Go Home Again, the characters had wandered back into my head and were finally ready to have their story told. So here it is, in ebook and paperback:

A year ago Michelle Reilly made what she thought was going to be the best decision of her life. She moved away from everything she knew and took a new job in a new city. Turns out she was wrong.

Now all she wants to do is move back home and back to the life she left behind. But it’s been a whole year, things have changed and her friends have moved on. When she runs into Alex Foster, an old flame who is miraculously still single, she begins to think everything can work out the way she wants.

But Alex has a secret too. Michelle’s life is crumbling around her and the guy she’s falling for is hiding something. All she wanted was to go back to normal but she’s learning that unfortunately once you leave you can’t go home again.

Readers outside the US click —> HERE.

What’s next? I have a few more projects on the go, there’s three more books coming in the Desires series before we wrap up Aliyah and Elliot’s story which I hope to finish this year, which will culminate with a second collection of a four and finally a super-collection with all 8 stories in one volume, which personally I can’t wait to hold and put on my shelves. There’s other stuff I’m working on that I’m not sure if I’m allowed to talk about yet so shhh tell no one. Plus a sci fi novel and maybe more! My brain is a chaotic place to be sometimes.

I hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying some beautiful weather! Check back soon for more news and maybe something less promotion-y.