Reflecting on the A to Z Challenge

I finished up the exit survey for this challenge and realized that everyone is doing a post challenge reflection post as well so I figured I’d jump on that bandwagon and officially cap off the posts.

First, how fun is that badge I get to have now? It says winner! Which is a nice affirming ego boost haha. Honestly the best part of doing this challenge again for me was the reminder that I totally can blog every day. I used to all the time and then life and anxiety disorders/depression got in the way and it all sort of fell by the wayside.

Every time I tried to get back into it I failed again until I eventually decided to just post whenever I felt like it, to take the pressure off. Which was fine but resulted in my blog becoming basically just a sales channel for my books since the only time I ever thought to post was when I had a new release. And that’s not what I wanted, so this challenge gave me the chance to showcase some of the awesome new author friends I’ve made over the last little while and reminded me that I can totally do this blogging thing on a regular basis.

Going forward I’m going to try and do more theme based posts, maybe not everyday but some recurring weekly posts maybe, for the different days of the week. Knowing each day what I was sitting down to blog about definitely made it easier to get through the entire month of daily posts. There’s a lot of maybes in this paragraph but I am looking forward to continuing, no promises but I’d really like to keep up this momentum, if only for my own mental health and sense of accomplishment.

Anyways, that’s enough heavy life stuff from me. What was your favourite book featured this month? DId you read or buy anything after seeing it here on the blog? Let me know in the comments while I brainstorm post ideas.