Welcome back! Last week I made a big life change, one that I had been waffling about for several years on and off. I became a vegetarian! With a dash of pescatarian thrown in. I know this may cause some contention among the vegetarian crowd, believe me I already got reamed out on Reddit and told I can’t be both. But honestly vegetarian is easier to explain to people given the apparent suddenness of the change at my age (34), and I’m very rarely eating fish anyways. So it’s like 80% vegetarian, 20% pescatarian.

Anyways as of yesterday I have successfully eating all plant based meals for a whole week and it was quite easy! Even with my family still eating omnivore meals. I’ve got some stuff stocked up in the freezer, since it’s way easier to make full meals and freeze the leftovers than to try and cook for just one person. I’ve discovered some truly awesome veggie recipes, some that even my kids wanted to try out, even my vegetable averse 11 year old son who thinks they are out to get him or something.

So I figured it’s celebration time again! And I’ve got a present for all my readers to mark the occasion. It’s my one week veggie-versary giveaway! Free from today until August 15th is my short story The Mirror.

Melissa’s new house is everything she ever dreamed of, and it couldn’t have come at a better price. If she can just figure out where the unexplained tapping noise is coming from it would be perfect. But she may not like what she finds when she does.

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This is a little different from previous giveaways since it is a short horror/psych thriller instead of steamy romance or erotica. So if it’s not your cup of tea I won’t be offended, but if you’re interested in reading some other stuff by me this is a good place to start and it’s FREE!

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