A to Z Challenge Z: Zombie Soap

Today’s book, the final entry in my A to Z challenge month of indie books, is Zombie Soap. What a great name right? When I heard about this book I was excited to find a letter Z entry and perplexed by what a book called Zombie Soap could possibly be about.

Author K Elliot has answered some questions for us to help clarify what this book is about, let’s see what she had to say:

I was inspired to write this story as a joke. When I became a Wattpad Ambassador, we all sort of bonded over my Missing Soap Collection series because they’re all nonsense, slapstick humor. Anyway, we created this group called the Soapies, and eventually, I got this bright idea to write a zombie story about soap being the trigger for the virus. It was meant to be a short story, but as I started it, I realized it was something that needed to be told on a much grander scale. I finished it a year later, and I’m still honored and pleasantly surprised that it won a Watty in December.

The book is part of a larger series. The Anthology that started it all is a set of ten short stories, called the Missing Soap Collection. My more serious novels in that series though is In Loving Memory, where the best friends face a loss and grieve together. I just started writing the follow up, After Ever After, earlier this month. Zombie Soap has a sequel, Zombie Soap 2: Conspiracy, which I’m currently about halfway through. I plan for the series to be a trilogy.

Zombieland and Outbreak come together in a story of best friends who must survive the zombie apocalypse caused by generic soap. Jayson is gung-ho, always ready for action and a nice soapy prank when his ferret falls sick after eating his roommate’s generic soap. Things go horribly wrong after his ferret seemingly dies, just to wake back up a few minutes later. Jeannie, a physician, is enjoying a perfectly normal morning before receiving several frantic text messages to come to work. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get very far when chaos erupts. Eric is a former Army veteran turned banker, finding himself forced to fight through a horde of zombies when disaster strikes. Monica, disaster and horror movie aficionado, is trapped in her pharmacy, and the only thing separating her from flesh-eating monsters is a steel cage. Taylor is a soap addict, eschewing anything generic. No one ever thought he would live through an apocalypse. After all, his one skill is stockpiling high-end soap. Five friends fight to survive the zombie apocalypse. Who will survive and who will die as they try to escape the city?

Besides a Watty, Zombie Soap has won contests in the Horror Category, often being compared to Shaun of the Dead meets Fightclub. Personally, I’d have gone with Sharknado x Outbreak having a love child. XD

One thing I do want to add to this is that Soap in general is a very special series. It focuses heavily on friendship as the series follows the best friends, and no matter what universe they are in, their bonds are strong. No matter how often I type THE END, I can never make myself say goodbye to these characters. 

You can read Zombie Soap HERE, I’m definitely going to be throwing this one on my TBR list and I don’t usually do zombies but this is just too unique to pass up.

I hope you have enjoyed my journey through indie publishing this month, I’m hoping to keep up a regular blogging schedule after reminding myself that I can totally do this I just need topics and stuff to write about. Which shouldn’t be that hard haha famous last words. Happy end of April everyone, here’s to a less lockdown heavy summer many more indie books to read along the way.