Crocheted goodies

I promised a blog post unrelated to writing and here it is! In between books and editing etc I also crochet and craft all kinds of things. Amigurumi crochet is my favourite style, I don’t have the patience for longer projects. Although I have done a few blankets and scarves, my real specialty is in toys.

Years ago I got it in my head that I would start an Etsy store but it didn’t really go anywhere, and then life got in the way and my crocheting fell by the wayside. I got back into it making toys for my kids and my friends kids then for my birthday last year I bought myself this amazing book. Note; this is not an affiliate link.

I started making these little guys with plans to give a bunch as Christmas gifts, unfortunately most of them disappeared mysteriously from my craft room. My 10 year old son was absconding with them, he loved how cute they were with their little faces. He has a rather large collection that live on his computer desk now. As well as a long list of requests I am working my way through.

I managed to hide some to save for Christmas stockings, but in the process of making all these toys I started getting comments about posting them on Etsy. Mostly from my well meaning cousin, but eventually I decided to give it a shot. I started putting together baskets and play sets and low and behold I’ve made 3 whole Etsy sales so far!

Which is 3 more than I made last time I tried this, so my dusty old store front is actually getting some traffic now. The latest set I’ve put together is this adorable birthday party playset:

I’m already working on another new set, which I’m hoping to finish and get listed before I get sucked back into short story writing for Don’t Read This Book After Dark Vol. 2.

Next up in blogging world will be the oft mentioned adventures in sourdough post, I’ll have to get some pictures of my next loaves. French bread is on the menu today so it’ll be a few more days yet. In the meantime, stay safe, I hope the weather is improving where you are (Nova Scotia weather is very fickle; it was practically summer yesterday, snow in the grass this morning) and I hope we’re all starting to come out the other side of this lock down healthy and happy!