Steamy New Release

You know it’s really hard to come up with different ways to say New Release in a blog title? There’s only so many ways to say it, but I digress. This post it to hype my latest release, Book 3 in my series Discovering Desires; Aliyah’s Desire.

In book 1, Aliyah’s Surrender; 24 year old shy virginal medical receptionist Aliyah Shaw meets alpha male rich lawyer dominant Elliot Thomas, he’s so taken with her when she almost spills her latte all over his shoes that he insists on taking her out to dinner and things only get better from there. Read here free on kindle unlimited.

In book 2, Elliot’s Dungeon; following an amazing first date Elliot promises to show Aliyah something at his penthouse apartment, something he wants to share with her but he won’t say what it is. Aliyah’s sassy professional baker room mate Jess helps her get ready for the big night. But nothing can prepare her for what he has in store. Read here free on kindle unlimited.

And now! In book 3, Aliyah’s Desire; picking up just a few hours after the events of book 2 Aliyah and Elliot spend another mind blowing evening and night together, followed by a day of pampering like she’s never experienced, Elliot needs her to look her best if he’s going to show her off at a charity ball that night, and it’s a good thing some of these museum rooms are empty and (sort of) private.

Outside the US? Click here for a direct link to your local Amazon store.

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Thanks for reading, and here’s to a better year than the last one. I hope you are all staying safe and healthy, fingers crossed for a halfway decent 2021.