Why Romances books are awesome – Guest post by J Devene

Hiya! I’m back to talk more about the upcoming anthologies I am so so proud to be a part of Secrets and Love at First Sip. Except I’m not actually going to do most of the talking this time, I know, I know shocker! My fellow author J Devene, who’s story Loving Her Storm can be found in Love at First Sip has graciously shared with us her views on why she loves romance books.

Before we get started for quick reminder, Secrets is an erotica anthology full of hot, steamy stories by a variety of erotica authors (including me!) Seven stories in all and each one, while tied together by the theme of secrets, is different from the last. There is definitely something for everyone in this collection. Pre order yours today and be one of the first to read it on November 19th 2021.

Love at First Sip is for those readers who prefer something a little sweeter, still enticing but not quite as spicy. This collection of clean romance stories spans from sci fi romance to paranormal to historical and then all the way back to contemporary. Just like it’s sister book I guarantee you’ll find something (or everything) in these pages to love! Pre order here ahead of the November 19th release date.

And now since I promised not to go on forever I will turn over the floor with a special thanks to J Devene for sharing her thoughts with us today.

The first romance novel I ever read, or the first one I remember reading, was The Truelove Bride by Shana Abé. It was my first introduction to the historical romance genre, and it inspired me to try my own hand at writing romances in different time periods. Though those stories are very much still in need of development, I remain completely mesmerized by the genre.

I’m still working my way through books by Shana Abé, but another one of my favorite historical romance novels is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Not just the multiple romances involved but how those romances progress. Courtship was a lot different than what it is now, and I find the mannerisms and practices captivating. Not just with couples, but all other aspects of life in early time periods. How they dressed, ate, spent time with family, and how the family hierarchies and other social circles worked. I love learning about it all. 

Another thing I love about these novels is the common trope of enemies to lovers. The tension just tugs and pulls at you, and you can’t escape it. One thing I love about this trope is that the characters create the tension and distance themselves, but then through trial and growth, they can (and do) overcome it. Elizabeth can’t stand Darcy because of his prejudice against her class, and he can’t get close to her because of her pride. But they eventually realize their affections for each other and find their happiness together. 

Finally, what I love most about these books is the protagonists finding safety and security with each other after struggling with being themselves. In The Truelove Bride, Avalon, the main female protagonist, refuses to marry so a man will never own her. It’s not until she realizes her feelings for Marcus, the mail protagonist, that she surrenders and finds happiness with a man who loves her. In Pride and Prejudice, Lizzy lets her first impressions of Darcy cloud her judgement, and it prevents her from allowing herself to be loved. I love reading characters overcome their own self-imposed obstacles. If you think you’d find such stories enjoyable, make sure to check out my short story Loving Her Storm in the soon-to-be-released romance anthology Love at First Sip!

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