A to Z Challenge O: Opalescent

Today’s book is an ongoing romance by Laila Liliana on Wattpad. You can start it for free right now, just head on over to her profile to check it out and Laila’s other works while you’re there. Laila graciously sent me a quick blurb and some insight into where this story came from, as well as it’s tantalizing cover.

Without further adieu:

Opalescent is a story about meeting your soulmate… and still being in love with somebody else. This ongoing, almost complete, work in progress of mine was born of the question “what if the one you love and the one you’re meant to be with aren’t the same person?” But I think the blurb sums it up best:

It’s said fate is not to be tempted, but what about completely ignored?

Since they fell in love three years ago, Adam and Leighton have blissfully ignored the ‘Color Theory,’ which states that the universe has chosen a soulmate for every person, and when you touch your other half for the first time, your world will be saturated with color.

Although they’re happy with their lives together in shades of gray, fate has other plans when a simple touch introduces Adam to a world of color… and Olivia. Their worlds become a mess of right and wrong, destiny or free will. And in the end, they both will have to decide if they can fight fate…

Or if they even want to.

Don’t miss this one, click HERE to start reading. You can also keep up with everything to do with Laila’s writing adventures HERE on Instagram. That’s all for this week, come back on Monday for the letter P, which was a damn hard one to find let me tell you.