Shotgun Cowgirl – Release Day!

Three words everyone! Historical. Western. Romance. Who’s excited? I know I am, I already got my copy during the pre order but you and all your friends can get yours today!

She’s a grouchy loner. He’s a hardworking traveller. Fate, it seems, has a sense of humour.

When a mysterious traveller turns up at Lilian’s doorstep, she thinks that he’s just another person trying to take something from her. It turns out Davien has a lot to give.

But as he gets more and more enmeshed in the danger that surrounds her, the fear that something horrible will happen to him becomes more real. With the Sheriff breathing down her neck, wild gangs attacking, and the looming ghost of her father ripe in her memories, Lilian knows that her life is no place for anyone she cares about.

Now that she’s had a taste of happiness, she has to choose between selfishness or giving up the ones she loves forever.

Book 1 of the Lazarus Town Trilogy.

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And if you enjoy this release be sure to check the back of the book to pre order your copy of Book 2 in the Lazarus Town Trilogy, Shotgun Wedding. Coming to a Kindle near you September 24th, 2020. Preorder Here

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Until next time, enjoy the end of the summer and incoming fall season (or is it pumpkin season? It’s hard to tell), I know I will. Be back soon!