A to Z Challenge P: A Penny’s Worth

Welcome back! We’re in the home stretch of the A to Z challenge and I seem to have lost to ability to post in the morning haha. Today’s book is a Wattpad novella by an author you might recognize from the letter G post, Van Carley.

I have so many talented writer friends, there’s lot of doubles this month, I’m sure astute readers have noticed. BUT that makes it easier to find all the books.

Aaanyways, Van has some stuff to say about her novella so I will turn over the floor:

My novella, A Penny’s Worth, is about a shy and kind of clumsy twenty-something named Norah who has a crush on a man named Cole. The trouble is, he doesn’t know she exists because she admires him from afar in the elevator at work. 

However, things take a turn when a loud and obnoxious office Temp barges into Norah’s life. They develop a friendship and because of Trixy’s pushy nature, Norah’s non-existent relationship with Cole changes. As Norah gets to know him, she also finds herself looking twice at her coworker Barrett. 

Suddenly Norah goes from not having any luck with romance to being in a confusing love triangle. And it all starts with picking up a penny.

I was inspired to write this book back in 2016 for a contest on Wattpad. The grand prize was a publishing deal, in an anthology to be sold at Target stores. The anthology is called Once Upon Now with a collection of modern-day fairy tales. So I tried to think of something unique to catch the judge’s attention and came up with a story about lucky pennies. This is probably one of the sweetest stories I’ve written since the rules stated the story had to be clean. It couldn’t contain sexually explicit scenes or drug and alcohol use. 

Despite getting a lot of positive feedback from readers and peers, I did not win. One of the downsides of the contest was that users had to vote for their favorite story and the ones with the most votes made it into the next round for judging. I was up against some serious Wattpad giants, so I didn’t get enough votes, but I’m still proud of the story I created!

This novella is a standalone and complete.

This book can be found on Wattpad and is free to read. Click HERE. And you can find Van on social media HERE. Coming up tomorrow, you get to find out how on earth I found a book for the letter Q! And I’m going to start brainstorming some ideas for May posts, since I had forgotten how much I like (sort of) blogging on a semi regular basis, but I am terrible at coming up with ideas on the reg. Yes, I just said on the reg and I’m leaving it there.

If you have any ideas for ongoing or series type posts you’d like to see let me know in the comments, see y’all tomorrow!