It’s Friday the 13th, time for spooks and ghouls to come out! Ok maybe not but everyone could use a good dose of creepy escapism amiright? Well you’re in luck, ask and ye shall receive.

Starting tomorrow and for the rest of the weekend you can get a copy of Don’t Read This Book After Dark Vol. 1 absolutely free! Click below:

22 spine-tingling tales from three Canadian horror-slingers. From psychological terror to the fantastical and weird, these stories are sure to keep you up at night long after you read them.

Outside the US? Click here —> International URL

If horror isn’t up your alley how about something a little spicier? In addition to Friday the 13th I’m also celebrating my upcoming wedding anniversary by giving away free copies of my book Aliyah’s Surrender, book 1 in the Discovering Desires series.

Aliyah Shaw is a 24 year old receptionist with dreams of becoming a teacher. She just went into the cafe to get a latte, she had no idea she would meet Elliot Thomas. The unbelievably sexy lawyer who was about to turn her world upside down. Elliot always gets what he wants and today he wants Aliyah.

Outside the US? Click here —> International URL

There’s more news to come, and soon! But right now I have to go enjoy the sunshine and end of the summer. I hope you’ll all grab a copy of the free books and don’t forget to rate/review when you’re done! Thanks for reading, stay safe and healthy.

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