Today’s offering comes from a pair of co authors on Wattpad and Amazon, Crystal and Felicity! This is something I have always wanted to do but have yet to get around to it. My bestie Emily Hurricane and I keep talking about it, one day… *wistful sigh*.

On to the blog post! What do Crystal and Felicity have to say about their book, Edge of the Veil? Let’s find out:

What inspired you to write this story?

We wrote Edge of the Veil after a writing group gave us a prompt to create a scene where a human girl meets an incubus. Not only did we fall in love with Lexie and Declan’s story, but the challenge of writing a book with 1400 miles between us was exciting.

Is this book standalone or part of a series? 

It is a standalone.

Is your story complete or a WIP?

Edge of the Veil is complete and currently published with Limitless Publishing. It can be purchased on Amazon or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Has your book won any contests/awards etc? 

Four weeks after we posted the first few chapters of Edge on Wattpad, it was picked as a Wattpad Featured Story.

What have you done since writing and publishing Edge of the Veil?

We have written five other stories which can be read for free on Wattpad. We have also taken our love for writing and teaching to YouTube. Our channel gives writers tips and tricks for success with a strong focus on Wattpad and the lessons we learned during our journey to become published authors. We upload new videos every Friday.

Between living with her over-protective brother, and working long shifts at a diner, Lexie has no time for a social life, leaving her clueless when it comes to the opposite sex.
But her sheltered life changes drastically when she meets Declan Cain
He seems to have it all—fast cars, flashy house, killer looks. And Lexie is instantly drawn to him, yet her inexperience with men makes her hesitate. Little does she know her slight hesitation puts in motion an insatiable obsession.
Declan isn’t who—or what—he pretends to be. He’s not from this world, and there’s a war raging inside him, a battle between good and evil. His predatory instincts make him impossible to resist—which is why Lexie’s rejection ignites a craving too strong to control. 
But Declan can’t succumb to the temptation. If he loses his fight against the darkness he carries around inside him, it’s not just Lexie’s life that’s at risk…but an entire realm’s fate hangs in the balance.

Whooo boy how gorgeous is that cover? I can’t wait to grab this one on Amazon and read it myself! Crystal and Felicity can be found literally everywhere on the web, here’s some links to see for yourself.






Thanks for coming out ladies! Come back tomorrow for the letter F readers and tune in later today for a non A to Z challenge announcement.

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