It’s spring time! Finally, even though the winter out here on the east coast was really mild and we barely got any snow I am so ready for some nice weather and vitamin D. But also that means it’s A to Z Challenge time again.

I did this posting challenge for the first time wayyy back in 2016, which honestly feels like a decade ago rather than just 5 years. So much change and upheaval in my life since then. I tried again in 2018 but I wasn’t able to finish the month of daily blogging. Then I moved across the country and the world went to shit.

Anyways, here we are again and I had a GREAT idea for this year which actually ended up meshing with the themes and other stuff going on over at the A to Z Challenge official website quite well. As I’ve become more and more enmeshed in the self published community I’ve met a pile of awesome indie authors so for this years challenge I’ve decided to highlight a different indie book for each letter of the alphabet.

A few of them will be my own of course, and full disclosure I haven’t had time to read most of these but they all sound awesome and I either know the authors through the online self pub/indie community of they came highly recommended. Some of the books will be available for purchase and some will be free to read on sites like

Posts will start going live on April 1st and continue every day for the month except for Sunday’s, totaling 26 posts (obviously). Also note, a lot of these books are adult content rated and some are NSFW so reader beware, keep an eye on the descriptions, tags and categories should you choose to follow the links and read any of the recommendations. Which you should, cuz they’re all great! Especially mine, (shameless self promo).

That’s all for now! I’m off to draft a pile of posts. 🙂

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