As promised I had one more release last weekend, I neglected to blog about since I was busy with Halloween and birthday festivities for my bestie.

This latest short read is the first in Discovering Desires; a series of 4 stories chronicling the steamy adventures of Aliyah Shaw, shy virginal medical receptionist with dreams of teaching kindergarten and Elliot Thomas, commanding, confident and very wealthy lawyer.

When Elliot meets Aliyah for the first time it’s in a coffee shop she spills her pumpkin spice latte all over the counter and almost all over his expensive shoes. He wants her from the moment he meets her, and Elliot Thomas always gets what he wants. Book 1: Aliyah’s Surrender is available now for just 99 cents OR free on Kindle Unlimited.

Aliyah Shaw is a 24 year old receptionist with dreams of becoming a teacher. She just went into the cafe to get a latte, she had no idea she would meet Elliot Thomas. The unbelievably sexy lawyer who was about to turn her world upside down. Elliot always gets what he wants and today he wants Aliyah.

Readers outside the US get your local Amazon link HERE.

Book 2: Elliot’s Dungeon is coming November 13th, 2020 with Books 3 and 4 to follow before the New Year.

At the risk of turning into nothing but I promotions blog I promise some content that is not trying to sell you anything before the nest book release! Maybe with pictures of cookies. Until next time! Stay safe, stay healthy. Oh and if you’re in the US don’t forget to VOTE tomorrow!

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