It’s release day again! And after this one I promise to post some more stuff that’s fun to read instead of just book promos. Actually not after this one, after the next one cuz I have one more book release this weekend.

Anyways! Just in time for Hallowe’en it’s Don’t Read This Book After Dark Volume 2! Excited? I am! I am one of three authors in this anthology, the other two are my two best friends. We all hail from the great white north and love creeping each other out with short horror stories, so now we’re sharing them with all of you!

24 more spine-tingling tales from the three Canadian horror-slingers that brought you nightmares fueled by ghosties and ghoulies and countless monsters. Get ready for another terror-filled romp with a brand new anthology sure to tickle your senses.

Readers outside the United States get your local Amazon buy page right here! Click ME!

AND! As a special thanks to everyone and to celebrate the release of this book we are running a giveaway for a signed copy of Don’t Read This Book After Dark Volume 1. Head over to RaffleCopter and enter to win! Gain extra entries by sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

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