Well I forgot to update my draft of yesterdays post to include today’s ingredient! I profusely apologise and hope that my claim of being super busy over the Easter weekend will suffice as apology. Also since yesterdays recipe did indeed include cauliflower rice, so wonderful reader Camie has won a prize! Please email me your details Camie to emeraldbaynton@outlook.com to claim your $5 Amazon.com gift-card!

Today’s ingredient is Drawn Butter, also known as clarified butter or Ghee. This ingredient is super useful when doing a Whole30, or even just for those in need of a dairy-free diet. You can use it in place of butter in most recipes, it’s delicious melted over popcorn and great to use as an alternative to olive oil when frying things. Especially if you are specifically looking for that buttery flavour.

I don’t have a recipe to go with today’s ingredient, I just wanted to extol the virtues of clarified or drawn butter. You can buy it in most any grocery store, I got mine at the store 5 mins from where I live. Which is actually a discount grocery store, nothing fancy. It can best be found in the international food section, because it is often used in Indian dishes and in my store at least was found alongside other sauces and things dedicated to Indian cooking.

The alternative to buying your clarified, or drawn butter (Ghee) is you can make it yourself. Purchase a few pounds of regular salted or unsalted butter at your local grocery store. Watch for sales, or multi buys. Butter freezes really well, so if you want to do a big batch you can always buy a couple of pounds each sale and then do a large batch later. Making your own will result in about half the amount of clarified butter as you started with regular butter. So one pound = 1/2 pound et cetera.

In order to make clarified butter you simply melt down your store bought butter in a pot on low heat. You don’t want to burn or cook the butter so patience is definitely a virtue in this endeavour. Once your butter has melted it will separate into its fat and oil components. You’ll want to scoop out all the milk fat leaving behind just the oil and now you have drawn/clarified butter.

You can use this butter to mix into or top your mashed potatoes, to roll your corn on the cob in, top your steamed veggies, and all kinds of other things. I used mine the other day to saute garlic, onions and spinach for those twice baked Spinach and Artichoke stuffed potatoes. Tomorrows ingredient is eggs. If you can guess tomorrows recipe you can join Camie in the winners circle! Wouldn’t that be nice?

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