This recipe and ingredient is one of my favourites especially because it’s very versatile. Raise your hand if you have kids that hate veggies? If anything green is suddenly poison? If a burger with lettuce results in a chorus of “No leaves!!” Then you are not even a little bit alone, in fact, look around and I bet you’ll see and sea of raised hands from other moms struggling to get proper nutrition into their kids in this world of processed foods, commercials and billboard advertisements for french fries and cheeseburgers.

Well I have a solution that will help you get a serious helping of vegetables into a multitude of meals. First, purchase yourself a butternut squash. Then peel it and chop it in half. Microwaving your squash for 30-60 seconds can make it easier to cut in half. Once in half, clean out the guts and dice your squash into 1×1 inch squares. Now dump them all in a pot to boil.

While your squash in boiling work on your dinner recipe, good recipes to use with this trick are things like spaghetti, or mac and cheese. You can use store bought mac and cheese but I prefer to make it homemade with a roux based cheese sauce.

Once your squash is boiled to complete softness, drain it and either mash it or use your blender/food processor to puree your squash. Add the pureed squash to your cheese sauce or spaghetti sauce. Butternut squash gives your homemade cheese sauce an awesome orange colour and the kids will never know its there!

You can also mix pureed squash into mashed potatoes, use it as a base to make fritters, or just eat it with a bit of salt and butter. Any of these ways are delicious ways to enjoy your squash, but the above recipes will help you be sneaky mom and get some undetected nutrition into the bellies of your kids to keep them healthy.

Tomorrows ingredient in Cauliflower, once again I’ll be taking guesses in the comments, any reader who correctly guesses tomorrows recipe wins a prize!

*Photo by Natalie Rhea Riggs on Unsplash

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