Non religious homeschooling from a scientific perspective.

Back in the game

I feel like I’ve written this same blog post at least once, possibly more. If you’re new here promise me you won’t read back through the archives! Just start here with a fresh perspective and no judgements on my flakiness.

I won’t get into my history in this post, I feel like its better to get to know each other organically over time rather than dump my whole life history into one post and expect people to relate. I’m hoping you’re here because you are looking for advice, or information about homeschooling from a scientific perspective. I may occasionally (re: more than occasionally) stray from the topic at hand but my aim will be to share what I have learned over 3+ years of homeschooling.

I’ve been navigating the homeschooling world for several years now and found that there is a plethora of information out there. A lot of it is however delivered with a heavy religious connotation. Which is fine, I’m not using this forum as a place to hate of religion. I fully embrace freedom of expression and worship. It just doesn’t line up with what I believe or what I want to teach my children. Which is not to say that I don’t include religious education in my homeschool, I do, but I don’t want it to take over or bleed into the other subjects.

As such I’ve found that I’ve had to forge my own way in a lot of ways, there is the Secular, Eclectic, Academic Homeschoolers Facebook group but its just one in a sea of many. So many of the curriculum options are faith based,  and blog posts most especially tend to lean towards the religious side if not being overtly so. I can’t tell you how many blog posts I’ve seen titled things like “Top 5 essentials in my homeschool day” or “Top 10 ways to keep your homeschool day on track” etc. And always somewhere on that list is something to the effect of pray, or devotionals or bible study. Not exactly the advice I’m looking for.

So I’m hoping with revamping my page and getting back into blogging that I’ll be able to fill in some of the gaps I’ve found on the wide wonderful internet world of homeschooling, and maybe even make some new friends along the way.  If you’re reading this I would love to hear from you, comment and let me know do you homeschool? Veteran, or newbie? Are you still in the “haven’t taken the leap” club (which is totally OK, I was in that club for about 3 years)? Special shout out to anyone popping in from Canada! I’m going to be shooting for everyone other day or so postings, more sporadic through the coming holiday season but I do have my first topic already lined up and ready to go. I’m excited to get back into the blogosphere (do people still say that word? Spell check says no! I think I’m dating myself) and I hope any of you reading this will come back again to be along for the ride. Until next time!


Bullet Journalism

I know I said lately that I was going to make an effort to post more, but then Pokemon Go happened! Is anyone else playing, or your kids playing? It’s ridiculously addictive and so much fun. It’s been getting us out of the house more and we’ve met a bunch of new people. The game has been something the kids can bond over and adults. If you aren’t playing, check it out and consider it!

However that’s not the point of this post. I wanted to write today about Bullet Journals. I just discovered Bullet Journals and I am already totally addicted.

I even sewed a special cover for mine, complete with embroidery decals! Pinterest is the most amazing resource for Bullet Journal layout ideas and I’ve really enjoyed analog journaling in the digital age, as they say. It seems to be a great way to organize your brain, thoughts, activities etc. As well as logging positive happenings in your life and tracking habits. It can also be used to plan things over the course of the year, pages included can be books to read, movies to see; goals such as, weight loss, fitness, water intake, etc.

There are so many parts of the Bullet Journal that it really takes more than one post to explain it all. I’m planning a series of posts on this topic as I continue to explore. In the meantime do your own research if you are interested, or if you are already Bullet Journaling please share your own experience and/or blog posts in the comments!!

Neglectful blogging

Things have been mental round here y’all! Can I pull off saying y’all? I’m not from the south but sometimes there’s nothing else that fits. I posted previously about going back to work, which I was undecided on staying but I’ve decided to stick it out for now. Its nice to have the extra cash to pay for summer activities and I’m already planning my curriculum for next year and am super excited to have some extra spending money for textbooks and activities.

I also posted before about biting the bullet and uploading my current novel in progress on Wattpad. I have consistently been posting once a week, on Mondays if anyone is interested in reading that you can find it here.

I’ve also got a couple different crochet projects on the go, I made these adorable owls last week;


And before that I was working on a gift for my mother in laws birthday;


Included in that gift is homemade soap! Which I think I mentioned before and I’ll be blogging about that soon, I was flying by the seat of my pants the first time and neglected to take pictures or document anything I didn’t even have proper molds. However it was so much fun that I’ll definitely be making more, I’ve picked up the most adorable silicon molds and I’ll be working on a joint new project with my bestie Caitlin of Slaying the Skeptic (its possible I’ve mentioned her before :P) As soon as it’s ready I’ll be posting a “New This Week!” post to announce it and maybe a discount code exclusively for blog readers!

After all that I also had many many birthdays this month, including both my children. I’m now the proud mother of a 7 year old boy and 14(eep!) year old girl! On top of that we had my mother in law, my daughters best friend, my sons best friend (who is also the son of my childhood best friend). Needless to say it’s been an incredibly busy month. But I promise I haven’t forgotten all of you! I am eternally grateful for those following and reading this blog and there is a special place in my heart for my regular readers/commentors.

Going forward in the summer things should be starting to settle down, and I’ll hopefully be getting back to a regular blog schedule. I have a few things I want to blog about through the summer, and come September I’ll be in full blown home-school blog mode, as I’ll be full-time homeschooling just my son and will hopefully have time to devote to my own endeavors.

I’m super jazzed to read about what you guys are up to this summer, if I’m not already following your blog comment or like this post so I can! See you all back here soon, and for any Canadians out there Happy Canada Day weekend, and Happy Independence Day to my American readers!

Name change! 

Today I decided to change the name of this blog. I had originally chosen the name “Jack of all blogs” because it covered the idea of a blog full of different things. 

I stumbled across the name “Adventures in Homemaking” today during a fairly random conversation about soap making and have decided that it’s more apt for what this blog actually covers. 

Let me know what you think of the name change! Do you prefer the older name or is the new one a better fit? 

New this week! 

No new products to share this week, as I’ve been busy balancing work and home again now that I’ve lost my weekends for getting extra stuff done. It’s amazing how just being out of the home 20 hours a week can totally throw off your whole groove, but things are definitely starting to come back together. I’ll be working on some cute little owl plushies for a commission this evening, if they turn out well I’ll share pictures and the pattern this week. 

In the meantime I do have one new thing to share. I’ve bitten the bullet and started posting a novel I’ve been working on over on It’s a fantasy story but with mature themes. Not really appropriate for young children, but teenagers/adults would enjoy it if you’re into that sort of thing, I know fantasy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but for those interested you can find it here. I’m pretty nervous about putting this out there but I was also nervous about starting the crochet store and believe it or not I used to be nervous about blogging! Now I’m just a chatterbox!

 That’s all for today. Stay tuned for some cute crochet patterns and an update on our gardening adventure! I have a miniature dill forest going on in my bathroom. 😀

What is the number one question all homeschooling moms get asked when they mention that their children are homeschooled?

What about socialization?

I personally hate this question. Hate is a strong word and I don’t use it often but in this circumstance I feel like it is warranted. This is always the first question people ask when learning that my children are homeschooled. Which seems ridiculous to me for a number of reasons, the first being that homeschooling isn’t about socialization it’s about education! If you are going to make your opinion known about my choices for my kids shouldn’t you be more concerned with whether or not they are getting what they need intellectually?

Second and potentially most relevant is the idea that children can only achieve “proper” socialization by being surrounded by peers only within a year of their birth. Elementary education is the only time in a persons life in which they will socialize almost exclusively with people who are of the same age and educational level as themselves. In a life presumably that will last 80 years (at least), 8 years of elementary education represents only 10% of your life.

So why is the automatic assumption that if your children do not experience this 10% and instead spend that time interacting with a wide range of ages, education levels etc. they are somehow lacking? Why do people assume that homeschooled children spend their time locked inside the home and never interact with anyone else?

This assumption is laughable to me, and I would guess the same is true for most homeschooling moms. My children spend their time getting a quality education but also with others, my almost 14 year old daughter for example I didn’t see for most of the weekend. We communicated via text and phone calls but she left Saturday morning to go to the mall ended up going to the mall, park and swimming pool, sleeping over at a friends house and both girls were back here for much of Sunday afternoon. My son has friends within my circle of friends both very near his age and a couple of years out, he also plays on a local baseball team with girls and boys within 2 years of his age group. As well we make weekly trips to a local cafe where we do our lessons in their comfy lounge area and each get a treat (latte for mom, brownie for him). This gives him the opportunity to interact with friends of mine and their babies, as well as the cafe owner and other customers. It teaches him how behave in a public situation as well as how to interact with adults that are not family.

So please explain to me, what about socialization? Are my children missing out by not spending 6+ hours a day surrounded by other children within the same year of their birth? Are they missing out by not being bullied or picked on? Are they missing out by not being pressured to look or behave a certain way?

This is not an attack on tradition schooling but simply a look into the life of one homeschooling family that will hopefully open the eyes of those who fear for the socialization of homeschooled children. And maybe make you think twice before you ask the most popular question, what about socialization?

Back to work…

I’m back to work this weekend guys after 8 months off, returning to a summer job I have previously held but under new owners. I have discovered so far it’s definitely not what I thought it would be but in the meantime it’s going to put a crimp in my posting schedule.

I’m still deciding whether I’m going to stick it out, or spend my summer blogging and building my crochet business. I really appreciate those following this blog, and if you’re new, check out some of my other posts..they are pretty awesome. I hope to be back next week with some awesome homemade cheese recipes, and homeschooling tips and tricks :D. See you then!

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