It’s Release day, times 2!

Today is the day! Release day is here for the anthologies I’ve been blabbing about for the last couple weeks. In case you missed it here’s a recap!

Love at First Sip is a clean romance anthology, a collection of 8 short form romances each written by a different amazing indie author. Genres collide in this collection of stories that are all tied together by the theme of drinks. Each story comes with a companion recipe so you can taste what the characters are tasting while you curl up and indulge in some comfy reading time.

Scroll down for an excerpt from Emily Hurricane’s contribution to the book, The Wolf and the Barista.

She cocked a brow, regarding the barista with cold calculation. She expected the petite woman to wither under her stare, but instead she smirked.

“I had you pegged as soon as you said coffee,” she gushed, as if she’d been dying to say so. “Don’t get a lot of Canadians this far south. I love your accent.”

Letty scowled. “I don’t have an accent.”

“Everyone has an accent.” The barista shrugged. “I grew up in California, and everyone I’ve ever met from Southern Ontario sounds just like me. Weird, huh?”

The wolf didn’t answer, opting to raise the small cup, swirling the cooling coffee around the melting ice cream. She took a tentative sip and then her taste buds exploded with euphoria. She couldn’t contain a happy groan, deep in her throat.

“See? Brightened your day, right?” The barista clapped her hands together, bouncing on the balls of her feet. 

Letty glared at her, not wanting to admit that she was right, that the maple syrup and her bouncing—assets—were definitely brightening her day.

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Next up is the semi companion anthology Secrets. A collection of 7 erotica stories, many by the same authors that contributed to Love at First Sip. In fact, if you read my story in each book you might just recognize the characters and situations across both books.

If you’re into the steamier side of things, grab a copy here. CLICK ME

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